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An Innovative, Reliable, Valid, Quantitative Clinical Balance Fall Risk Assessment and Treatment Method

Designed by a clinician for the clinician, the RIPPS® Balance Method is a portable, safe and affordable clinical toolkit that provides a more practical and efficient way for physical therapists and other healthcare professionals to determine balance and fall risk in older adults.

The RIPPS Method can be used in any clinical setting providing objective and quantitative postural response measurements and has clinical balance intervention applications as an induced-stepping treatment paradigm.

The RIPPS Method was developed to provide the clinician with a highly discriminant, efficient, accurate fall risk assessment and treatment tool without relying on expensive equipment and several marginal time-consuming tests.

Blending Research Innovation With Clinical Practice

RIPPS is an evidenced-based, single-trial, first-attempt, manual waist-pull perturbation balance assessment method that stresses the limits of available reactive and proactive non-stepping and stepping postural stability responses utilizing Repeated Incremental Predictable Perturbations in Standing (RIPPS). The RIPPS performance measure is expressed as percent of total body weight (% TBW) as determined by RIPPS performance criteria.

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