About the RIPPS Balance Method

A physical therapist developed the RIPPS® Balance Method as a novel, innovative, quantitative perturbation based fall assessment tool. Predicated on L. DePasquale and L. Toscanos 2009 article "The Spring Scale Test (SST): A Valid and Reliable Tool for Explaining Fall History" in The Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy, RIPPS is an evidenced-based, safe, reliable and valid clinical tool.

Published research findings support the use of the RIPPS percent of total body weight performance measure (% TBW) to quantify stepping and non-stepping postural responses to measured loading and unloading waist-pull perturbation forces, for the purpose of identifying fall group membership.

Evidence suggests that the RIPPS 10% TBW performance measure is highly discriminant to fall history, making it a valuable clinical tool for identifying stepping strategy deficits in active, independent community living, older adults that are at a higher risk of a fall with no prior fall history.

The Unique Solution

  • Affordable
  • Single test efficiency
  • Safe and predictable methodology
  • Quick and easy portable setup

Who It Benefits

  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Health-related exercise professionals
  • Active, older adults that are at higher risk of a fall with no prior fall history
  • Older adult subgroups requiring balance assessment and intervention

How It Benefits

  • Provides an objective and quantifiable measure of balance
  • Provides a reliable tool for identifying stepping strategy deficits
  • Produces an innovative and safe induced-stepping treatment paradigm

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