How It Works

The RIPPS® Balance Method is simple to learn and easy to administer by a single examiner and provides objective postural response measurements quantified as percent of total body weight (% TBW).

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RIPPS is comprised of repeated rounds of incremental predictable manual waist-pull perturbations in standing, quantified by a linear spring scale strain gauge attached to a padded five-inch belt secured around the user's waist. The RIPPS Method is performed on a firm unpadded or minimally padded support surface, in normal stance position, normal footwear, without any assistive device.

RIPPS is administered in two separate directions, anterior followed by posterior. Anterior direction limit testing is performed with the examiner facing the client to assess rear stepping limits. Posterior direction limit testing is performed with the clients back to the examiner to test forward stepping limits. Progressive rounds of coupled loading and unloading of waist-pull forces are delivered to the limits of postural stability or RIPPS end point defined by the RIPPS performance criteria.

For more detailed information about how the RIPPS Balance Method works, download the instruction manual here.

How It Works

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Instruction Manual

RIPPS Instruction Manual
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